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Why your dealership needs dealer Window Sticker?

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Here’s why

Gives car buyers peace of mind

86% of car buyers consider automotive window stickers crucial. These stickers provide key details such as standard features, engine and transmission specs, optional packages, fuel economy ratings, NHTSA safety ratings, MSRP pricing, and more, enabling informed decisions for both buyers and sellers.

Dealerships make more for their inventory

Do you know what original equipment came with the vehicles in your inventory? Customers who were provided with detailed information on the factory options, packages, and pricing of a U.S used car were more likely to purchase the car and were willing to pay a higher price for it.

Higher conversion rate for sales team

Dealerships that provided detailed information on their used cars, including photos, descriptions, and vehicle history reports, had a higher conversion rate and sold their cars faster than those that did not provide this information.

Get the Original Window Sticker by VIN for All Vehicle types

Provide accurate and detailed window stickers for all vehicle types with our window sticker lookup by VIN lookup tool. When it comes to selling a used car, having a window sticker on all vehicles in an inventory increases the chance of getting any used car or truck sold!

What are the Benefits of a Window Sticker?

Boost Used Car Sales and Profit

As a car dealer, presenting dealer stickers by VIN Number will greatly increase the chances of any customer buying a car from you as it reduces buyers remorse. A seller can sell faster by providing their buyers with the window sticker for cars.

Compliance with State Regulations

Selling a new car at dealerships is against the law without an original window sticker affixed to the vehicle. Getting an original sticker will ensure you comply with the Automobile Information Disclosure Act of 1958.

Price transparency

Since our window stickers provide you with the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and other pricing information, dealers and private buyers can use this knowledge to set or negotiate the standard price for a used vehicle manufactured in the United States.

Guarantees Buyer’s Satisfaction

Potential buyers can access all the features and options of a car at a glance before any payment. If a payment is eventually made, the seller is certain the new owner is going to be satisfied with all the packages, thus earning some good reviews and recommendations in return.

Window Stickers For Dealerships Easily Manage Your Inventory

Getting Window Stickers for Your Inventory Has Never Been Easier: Get access to a comprehensive dashboard where you can generate stickers for your entire inventory. Whether it's for new arrivals, trade-ins, or customer requests, your team can efficiently create and manage stickers.
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Customized and Branded Window Stickers
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We deliver exceptional dealer window stickers and make it just how you want it. Our combination of industry expertise and insider knowledge allows us to provide products that truly meet the needs of our dealer base. We are 100% committed to providing accurate and personalized window stickers and build sheets and your dealership could be the next success story with our user-friendly tools. Let's build success together!
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Any questions?
Window stickers are extremely beneficial to used car dealerships because they act as a buyer’s guide for consumers interested in purchasing vehicles at dealerships. With the window sticker, they can easily discover a vehicle’s features, options, pricing, warranty, and specifications in one look. With this information they can make the best choices in the niche of time. This leads to a better customer experience and improved sales rate for dealerships.
Yes, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of any vehicle can be found on its sticker. On our window stickers,this number can be located in the vehicle description section.
Of course you can! This is a very important step, especially if you are buying or selling a used car. To look up window stickers from VIN numbers, navigate to our tool and enter your VIN, email address, contact information, and begin the process.
No. Carfax does not provide original window stickers.
Yes, you can definitely get a build sheet from a VIN number and access all of the vehicle’s plant and manufacturing information. To get a build sheet for your vehicle, you can use your VIN and our build sheet tool.